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Derek - I think you've touched the essence of the engagement crisis our workforce seems to be experiencing today. It's the disconnect between the company value system (if one exists) and the way the company operates. Some of it could be the hangover from the great recession that began in '08, when employers shed employees like dead skin from a snake. But most of it, I believe, is industries lack of commitment, and sincerity, to actually operate in a manner that honors whatever value system they espouse. Management credibility is a tenuous thing: hard to achieve, harder to maintain, and almost impossible to regain.

I would challenge your observation about fixing it is 'relatively easy to do'. My experience has been that trying to fix a systemic deficiency is a huge undertaking, and rarely achieves the desired results. That said, organizations that have seen the light, and are willing to make the commitment required, can be successful in realigning their operations with a value system. To do so, however, takes a well thought out strategy and the will to see it through. The rewards on the other end can be miraculous.

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