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"A bit harsh perhaps . . " Are you kidding me? You're only saying what many of us were already thinking (but probably much more harshly . . ).

This resonated with me because of a prior posting (http://www.compensationcafe.com/2015/12/the-power-of-the-joy-of-work.html), which referenced a variation on this exact same response (. . . we received the politely perfunctory (and always irritating) response, “we’re too busy”.). Sound familiar?

I'm always amused with the "circularity" that frequently follows these responses, and where, instead of the hoped for outcome to just "give up" - the perhaps unwelcome response is "well, we'll just have to do it without you then". Which invariably prompts, "we don't want you doing that without us". Which in turn naturally results in, "then you will help us?". As you can see - circular.

In our situation, we turned the "I'm too busy" response into an opportunity to demonstrate self-reliance and to learn new skills, which I think for a host of reasons, translated into an even greater level of work unit/team satisfaction (and The Joy of Work).

Funny thing...famous saying...a busy person always has time to help.

Another famous saying....work expands according to the time you have to do it, for some people.

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