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Good posting, particularly when there's an explicit tie-in to the Justice Department and the federal government. As I was just reflecting this week and as Jim is already aware, I am - if not entirely an "early adopter" of some of the power of behavioral modification (and the intersection with total rewards), I certainly count myself as an early enthusiast (and perhaps even the occasional "accidental tourist") of this approach.

I actually began to wonder whether the phenomenon of "temporal discounting" (http://www.compensationcafe.com/2016/09/time-is-money.html) could also have a similar linkage to negative reinforcement (. . . although at least I was not reflecting in the context of any associates who are currently "clients of the state"). It could even provide at least a partial explanation for the phrase, "justice delayed, is justice denied".

Suspect you are quite accurately on point, Chris.

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