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good list. kind of paralyzing. good lessons for the novice. thanks.

Chuck. Great list!

Here are some of Chuck's article on these topics:


Discretionary Assessments:

Survey Data:

Bell Shaped Curve:

Search the Comp Cafe to find others! (use the word Chuck and an associated keyword to find articles by Chuck on each topics)

One of the reasons I posted this article was not only because it helped the novice, but it can also help those of us practitioners who have been in the profession a long time. Being a consultant I see a myriad of client practices, while those employed by a company see only what goes on "at home." So I've seen (and continue to see) organizations make several of the mistakes I mentioned in my article. They are adamant that that is the way they want to do things - no matter how wrong I feel their decision. Even large firms. Sad but true. Write me if you'd like specific examples.

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