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What if Compensation professionals had incentive plans that were linked to the success of the incentive plans they created.

What if comp pros had to demonstrably show the evidence of how they have positively influenced the attraction, engagement, motivation and retention of good talent?

What if our goals and objectives were deemed as mission critical, and therefore as closely monitored and audited, as the goals and objectives of those for whom we define pay?

Great questions and concepts, Dan - thanks for adding them to my "half-baked" post and idea.

Another avenue for creating "skin in the game" for those of us in the reward field could be via relationships and personal connections. Many of us are separated from those who we endeavor to serve with our efforts and plans - either physically or simply through lack of direct interaction. When we have the opportunity (either because we actively seek it or circumstances force it on us) to better know employees and managers, their aspirations and challenges, quirks and preferences, we are more likely to care about how our work affects theirs and the things they are trying to do. This could be informal interactions and conversations we seek - or more formal things like compensation design teams or steering committees.

Just thinking....

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