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Good one.

How often have I seen a manager penalized for not properly managing their staff? Well, never. As a slight twist though, I was one of those managers more than 10 years ago. However, my staff finally sent me the message that either I dealt with a toxic employee we had on staff . . . (who was making everyone and everything miserable) or they were leaving. I picked-up on that not-so-subtle cue, and did what was necessary. And when our "bad apple" finally vacated the barrel - things were undeniably better. Quite obviously an event squarely in the "teachable moment" category.

Good article Chuck and something that can improve and does need focus; however, I'm honestly not sure it can get as good as many hope. I've been in the "comp world" for nearly 25 years and this has been an issue the whole time. I'm guessing its been an issue even longer than that and we've had a lot of smart people trying to improve it! People are biased, performance management tools and process never seem to work as expected, training is not adequate and managers just have too much on their plate to actually spend the required time "managing" people. Finally, let's be honest here with a 3% merit budget what is the point of differentiating pay via merit increases?

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