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The same problems have the same solution process: an analytical review to anticipate issue so you can fashion preventive and contingent actions. Hopefully BEFORE the fit hits the shan, but at least it still remains useful after the fact for remedial rehabilitation and/or recovery operations.

Suggest again the immortal Mager/Pipe Human Performance Analysis flowchart model summarized in https://www.compensationcafe.com/2016/05/attitude-is-necessary-but-insufficient-by-itself.html that will save many a regretful post-disaster head-slap.

Good post and I’m in agreement. One thing though . . . . In the future would you please refrain from mentioning “medieval IT systems? It makes me uncomfortable to think that one of our largest intelligence agencies has crappy IT systems.

Got it (note to self).

In response (and in defense), some of this narrative could be assumed to be a composite mix of "term-of-art" and "literary license" (to bolster the requisite entertainment value).

Likewise, without necessarily confirming or denying anything - you could plausibly speculate that our operational intelligence IT systems are a 100x's order of magnitude enhancement, in comparison to our financial systems. That would place them somewhere north of medieval . . .

Remember that government contracts usually go to the lowest bidder. Some agencies I have dealt with are so circumscribed with disclosure rules and transparency regulations that Sinclair computers were "hi-tech" for them.

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