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It is too bad that everyone is being lumped in with those companies that were truly abusing the system and the "little guy" is ultimately the one who pays in such a way.

There is "smoke and mirrors" going on here! The public and Congress is not begrudging the "little guys." They're begrudging the corporate leadership. Now if the corporate leadership is cutting recognition and rewards for the "little guys" its due to a broadbased labor cutting initiative. If the corporate leaders blame their labor cost cutting on Congress, its smoke and mirrors meant to deflect criticism from their own business decision.

I agree, Paul. I do worry that a number of these types of decisions are going to be attributed to "Congress" or "Washington." At this time, we as compensation professionals can only help to influence companies to be responsible, while they make decisions. Cost savings may be necessary, but clear communications on the reasons would be helpful - rather than deflecting the responsibility to others (Congress).

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