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Wow! What a fresh new concept, Darcy. You are so right. Now is an optimal time for us to determine if we want to stick with the customary tools of reward and compensation, that in my opinion are of varying favor at different times, due to the prevalent conditions at hand. I have seen over the years, as you have I am sure, the shifts from one reward vehicle to another depending on IRS treatment, SEC rulings, the market, inflation, etc.

Perhaps it is time to clear the white board and draw a few new concepts - maybe some that adapt better than the present ones to the conditions I listed above. Maybe the new rewards could more fluidly shift and adapt to new conditions, since we know that changes are always just around the corner.

Love you idea on this, and hope to hear of others ideas of thinking outside of the box.

- Vita

Thanks for the comment, Vita. Ann recently talked about agility in our rewards programs to respond to whatever the current situation may be. I think that combining agility, so our programs don’t become obsolete in differing operating environments, with a clear vision of what we want our reward programs to actually do are the keys to program design in the future.

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