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I had the interesting experience of sitting on a panel of WorldatWork members to discuss pay communications. (See workspan article at: http://www.worldatwork.org/waw/adimLink?id=28767)

Initially, everyone on the panel spoke up in unison about how important it was to communicate compensation, but as we got deeper into the discussions, it was apparent that not everyone put those words into actions.

One very large company indicated that they didn't want employees to be distracted by understanding such things as their pay grade, pay range, pay increase policy, etc.

I guess the mushroom theory of management is still alive and well in some pockets of the country - keep employees in the dark and feed them .... manure!

Hi Paul. Thanks for sharing your experience. I think it's a shame that companies don't have enough self insight to understand that they are ducking this issue. Reticence about covering business issues with employees suits few cultures.

By the way, the World at Work Strategic Communications in Total Rewards gives participants an article that includes opinions for and against pay communications. Given my own bias, I was disappointed. My own view is that courses like that are a real opportunity to highlight potentially unproductive practices and provide HR practitioners with examples of how creative companies have moved our field forward.

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