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Darcy - If you reward philosophy is still intact you should take a well deserved bow for putting it together correctly.

I think when a proper philosophy is put together the "tactic" or delivery mechanism can change. In your example of underwater stock options - equity is a tactic - the philosophy is to share the growth of the company. How you do it can be variable.

It would have to be a pretty big change in the business model to really impact a reward philosophy in my mind. Again, if properly articulated.

Still - it would be interesting to see how many philosophies have to change because they were tactical plans in the first place.

Thoughtful post Darcy and discussion (Darcy and Paul).

It seems there should a meaningful change in business strategy to make a meaningful change of comp philosophy and strategy. Tactics may change (like Paul comments) in the short-term, but the overall philosophy need not necessarily change.

In today's environment a lot of companies are making short-term adjustments, but hopefully once they and the economy regains its footing, a return to an aligned and sound comp strategy (and the tactics utilized to implement it) will take back over.

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