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Great comments Margaret! Its so hard to see what's happening on health care reform through all the smoke!

For a re-energized discussion on a government-run health insurance provider, check this link on the WorldatWork Online Community: http://www.worldatwork.org/waw/community/discussions/discuss.jsp?did=7203

Paul, thanks for the heads up on the World@Work blog. Lots of good references there that I will check out.

It's really good for us to have an HR discussion, but I am truly concerned that, at this point, we can't have constructive public dialogue until there is an attempt to a)address people's accumulating fears (and misinterpretations)and b)summarize and compare the options on the table including government-run health insurance in a two-page spread of a table! (Old habits die hard.)

In my experience, the communicators on a project really help the designers coalesce their ideas from notions to actionable information. Without that step, confusion can easily take hold. So,a left turn into(re)communication step would be a necessary for cogent public discussion to have a chance.

Hope springs eternal!

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