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This has been a very interesting series for those of us who operate outside the realm of the federal government - well researched and insightful. Thanks so much for sharing it here at the Cafe!


I have followed the saga from beginning to end with great interest. There are important life lessons for people both inside and outside the government in this tale. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to gain these insights.

Pls consider a full blown article on the subject. It is rare that we have an inside look at what happens in employee compensation in major organizations.

Frank Giancola

I agree. I really learn a lot from the "inside look" at what's up in your neck of the woods. Thanks for the insight, Paul, and keep it coming.

Ann, Frank, Margaret,

Thanks for the feedback. Sometimes advocating pay-for-performance in the federal government is like Don Quixote tilting at windmills. But its a mission worth pursuing for all of us.


This has been a really revealing series, i think it will have opened a lot of peoples eyes-it's certainly made me more away of the processes surrounding pay-for-performance.


Thanks for your kind words. We look forward to having you visit us again on the Compensation Cafe!


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