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Poor Dan Pink - he isn't making a lot friends in the "reward" vertical is he?

Thanks for this gift to me! Have a wonderful and safe break - all of you at Compensation Cafe! Keep up the great work!

Thanks Margaret, great stuff!

Hi Paul. I'm thinking Dan sees himself as a Steve Jobs sort of voice. If so, I bet he loves the repartee. At least I hope so!

Paul, Laura and all you intrepid readers out there, sleep in as much as your hearts' desire!


There is so much information/wisdom out there on the web these days, and so much disinformation as well.

Thank you for helping us find the pearls of wisdom in that great dark ocean.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Paul,and everyone else out there on the shore of this wonderful great, dark ocean of ideas and info, have a wonderful time with your family and friends over the holidays.

Thanks, Margaret, wonderful thoughts!

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