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I agree, it's at least as much behavioral science as math.

Wow Chuck! It's my day for checking in on my favorite HR blogs and I see two posts from you that I want to comment on. (the other was the international HR blog)

This is my favorite Dilbert cartoon that I have hanging in my office:


Very early on in my comp career, I was at a job-matching meeting to determine specific jobs that would be added to a comp survey. During the break, one of the other comp people came up to me and said, "You seem to know so much about the jobs! I wish I had that much experience."

My response was a little puzzled (cause I didn't have much experience), "It's easy, I just ask the managers to explain the job to me so I can make sure I'm matching it correctly."

Her eyes widened and she said, "Oh that is such a great idea! Go talk to the managers ... I've never done that."

It was then I realized that all comp people did not have the same philosophies I did. Kudos on an excellent post articulating some of the things we can do to change the view of the stereotypical "comp person".

Oh Kim, the stories I could tell . . . g. It was nice, and surprising to see comments on both my blogs from you today. Pretty cool! Thanks for the positive feedback.

Likely readers would have their own stories of clueless professionals who are doomed to be no more than technocrats and analysis junkies.

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