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Thanks, Chuck, for reminding me of a couple of WorldatWork Compensation Conundrum Blogs on Virtual Merit Increases on ...

July 6, 2009 http://www.worldatwork.org/waw/adimComment?id=33475

July 9, 2009 http://www.worldatwork.org/waw/adimComment?id=33508

At the time I think they generated the largest member response in their blog history.

Basically, a virtual merit increase is a "promised" increase that would take effect when the organization turns around.

Seasoned W@W members (including several who are now Cafe bloggers) immediately recognized this as a dangerous path to take.


It's a cold, hard world out there as we're reminded daily. I agree with your position ...."ain't gonna happen!" We've all been forced to accept a new reality coming out of the recession into 2010, and no reinstatement of forfeited merit increases or unfunded benefits is one piece of the pie.

Most people for now are still happy just to have their job....

Paul --

From my viewpoint anything that is "promised" but not put in writing is worthless to the employee. I've seen too many examples of lapsed memories by those in authority.

Plus the fact that circumstances do change, and sometimes they change in ways not viewed in the same light by all parties.

So true - the cutbacks weren't a loan from employees. They were cutbacks.

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