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I think that part of the challenge today is from information overload. People get so much information that they don't really dig beneath the surface to learn more unless they're compelled to do so. Or unless it's laid out for them to read & digest in quick bites.

I'm with you; I'd like to know more detail about all of the topics you presented. In particular why more of the execs haven't fled in spite of their drastically reduced total comp packages. Thanks for sharing the highlights of the day with CC's readers!

Hi Becky! As I communicator by profession, I can tell you that many of us fall into the pattern of making those quick bits of info very surface, and so not about helping me (the employee) make decisions. (Plus, reducing employees interest in the communications, BTW) Insights can be provided in quick bits, too. That's where the clarity comes in, and the communicator should take the time to help the reader in that way.

Info overload isn't going away! (In fact, it's becoming 3D) We're so distracted, we don't notice that we've been complaining about it for years now. Let's make the best of it . . .

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