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I think you're correct, Ann. I'm seeing the same thing - actual base pay increases for individuals the organization cannot afford to lose (intellectual capital, hot skills) while taking a 'wait and see' approach before committing to an annual merit increase.

I believe employers will continue with the current 40-50% underpayment to employee's and continue to blame the enconomy in an effort to pad the bottom line for fat profits. GREED. Plain and simple. No one care's if the employee's can feed the family if they can place blame else where.
Abusive profit taking at the employee's expense is at epidemic levels.Winds of change are coming.. and those employeer's will pay dearly.

I think that worker morale has suffered tremendously in firms where salary freezes or reductions have taken place. When these employees have more opportunities to jump ship, they aren't as likely as before to remain loyal to their current employer.
I also expect inflation to go through the roof as a result of rapid expansion of the amount of currency in circulation.
These two issues combined will make salaries for skilled and professional workers soar in a few years time.

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