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We would never have had the Ledbetter Act, if Ms. Ledbetter's company had paid what she had coming to her, due to gender discrimination. The courts never raised doubts about that, her claim was denied because she was beyond the legal time limits for filing.

The result is that we now have a new law, that could easily have been prevented by paying her far less than what it costs to adhere to the law that resulted from her claim. Her company probably counted on Republicans being elected and that the chances of a resultant law being passed would be slim.

Comes under the heading of "won the battle, but lost the war."

Point well made, JD - thanks!

Many attorneys are now recommending, given the now advesarial nature of the DOL, that if an audit is done that it be done under the auspices of an attorney, in order to preserve the attorney-client privilige that offers protection for discovered wrong doing. I am currently exploring how I can offer that as a consultant.

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