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Excellent points in this post, Laura. BlessingWhite resesrach tells us:

“The 29% of employees who are engaged in the typical organization, while not immune, are less likely to respond to competitive overtures. However, the 27% who are 'almost engaged' are strong performers — and they'll take the call from a search firm.”

All the buzz seems to be around “what to do about retaining your top performers,” but there's not enough concern about the second-tier employees. They have just as much knowledge about your workplace and competitive differentiators, just as much desire to work hard, and have likely been a powerful force behind the success of your top performers.

So why would they consider leaving? For the same reasons as any others in your workforce – overworked and underappreciated. It’s just these employees who can do something about it. Deloitte research says up to 44% of employees actively looking will take action on their turnover intentions. Can any workforce handle that large of a shake-up – especially in your top two tiers of performers?

Thanks Derek - that's a great point about 'almost engaged strong performers.' I agree that's where real opportunities for overall improvement lie.

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