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I also looked at the the 2010 State of Work-Life survey and was a bit disappointed. It included results from just 55 companies that were predominantly large ones. To me, the sample was too small and selective to generalize from.

Don't you agree?


Harrison, having done public surveys like this one, I understand how much faith and hope it takes. Faith that companies will be eager to participate, and later hope that that the ones you really want will actually participate. So, the sample size is what it is I guess, but the authors should take that into account in the way they communicate their analysis. That said, I do think the report could have been stronger in a couple of ways including the analysis of findings.

Great post, Margaret. Thanks for sharing the Towers Watson survey and the 2010 State of Work-Life from W@W. From practical experience I have to concur that workload stress and burnout are the top three issues impacting engagement in the workplace. It's a huge issue for employers that requires attention and creative thinking to develop workable solutions. And I don't think it will change anytime soon.

Becky Regan

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