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Wally Bock


The back story here is that several years ago (about 2004) work-life decided to change directions and, to a certain extent, branch out into areas occupied by other HR disciplines. One reason is that there has been little growth since about 2000 in the traditional work-life areas such as workplace flexibility and dependent care, plus membership in the Alliance for Work-Life Progress declined to the point where their members (about 500 members) were folded into the WorldatWork membership in 2007.

To what extent they can "help" other HR disciplines is still an open question. Much of what they are espousing overlaps with good employee relations and what other HR specialities (sometimes with far more professionals trained and working in the field, such as EAP programs) are doing.

I haven’t been able to figure out how mentoring and employee recognition are work-life programs, any more than performance management and pay which are not.

The survey you cited was done at 50 mostly large companies which is too small and narrow of a sample to be billed as “The State of Work-Life.”


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