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This may be good news to many, but it may also be bad news. Good news if employers are not faced with the Armageddon of litigation on pay equity issues. Bad news if the lingering pay gap between men and women doesn't close, leading to more aggressive big government intervention.

Compelling thoughts, Stephanie.

It's these nettling little details that can catch companies off guard. Reminds me a bit of my accounting/finance classes many years ago; it was the footnotes that could throw you off. And yes, you needed to read all of them.

Your post is a reminder of factors that we - as compensation professionals - need to keep our eyes on.

And as to Paul's comment, I agree. Could be that there are those out there that need time to get their ducks in a row; I hope not, but now there is no need to be hasty because the taxi meter keeps ticking.

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