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Derek - in addition to your valid points about recognition, this is a great reminder that productivity and profitability run all the way down the management chain. Many companies could benefit from investigating productivity at lower levels of the organization, calculating the opportunity costs of inefficient processes and talking to employees about how they could work more efficiently.

That's an important point, Laura. Especially "talking to employees about how they could work more efficiently." Too often, such efforts are imposed from above with no true insight into how the team/function really works. Seeking insight and suggestions for improvement from those who do the work day in/day out is much more likely to yield the results you need.

Derek, nice work pulling together well documented yet opposing viewpoints. One more factor to consider that also plays into this discussion is the disconnect between reported CPI and stealth inflation.

Employees perceive that their real purchasing power is being diminished which causes many otherwise content employees to be on the look-out for opportunities that would enable them to restore their lost purchasing power. For an interesting tool comparing purchasing power from yester-year to today check out http://www.shadowstats.com/inflation_calculator

Interesting, Jamie. And really, regardless of the point under discussion, doesn't it always come down to perception?

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