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I am so glad that I'm not the only woman who "gets it". Men and women are biologically different, therefore we are motivated and driven by different factors. More power to the women who are motivated by power and money, but that's not the norm of our gender.

Great post. I know several women who accept a lower salary in return for fewer hours and/or more flexibility. Where wage discrimination exists it's wrong but this post rightly points out there's more to it than a simple dollar figure.

A 9% pay gap sounds right to me. The gender pay differential for ACA members (WorldAtWork used to be the American Compensation Association) back in 1981 when Howard Risher, PhD, took all those variables into account was 14.3%. That research and more was cited in my "pro" Comparable Worth article in the July 2010 Workspan. Today, college women have out-graduated men and we have experienced a feminization of the professional work force, so a lot more women have entered those highly paid "male" jobs. All else held equal, women earning 9% less than the male full dollar makes sense.

This post should be required reading for EVERY person in HR. I am sending it out to everyone I know.

Thanks you for a little bit of common sense and reason! Every time I read about the alleged huge wage gap between men and women, I know that the person writing it doesn't understand issues like controlling for occupational choice, education, experience, and yes some subjective factors, like negotiating ability.

While I do believe that gender discrimination still exists (although to a lesser degree than when people first started talking about the gender gap), the 23% figure is pure fallacy and implies that the employers are actively suppressing wages of women. Haven't we moved beyond these beliefs by this point?

Ah, but Doug, you are suggesting rational consideration involving logic and informed reasoning in a world dominated by marketing techniques that emphasize sound bites to generate thoughtless emotional reactions. Whether political policy or laundry soap makes no difference to the sleaze-merchants.

Hey, how is the litigation lawyers' lobby going to get more pay equity litigation legislation passed by rallying around a 9 cent gap?

It's much easier to rally people around a 23 cent gap!

I wonder how many people don't realize that they are being discriminated against. I recently left a job and found out that I was being paid 13.5k less than my predecessor.. among other things.

Could be my gender, age or race, but either way, it was clearly discrimination.

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