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Ann, nice post and illustration. This is very close to the way I present the concept of pay range to clients. In addition, I use the term "accelerate" to describe what happens to pay rewards when a person who is not yet to the control point is performing above role, and "decelerate" to describe what happens when a person who is paid well above the control point is contributing below role.

Ann.. this is very intriguing. I am not a comp pro but always thought that concept of a salary increase budget did not truly support pay-for-performance. I look forward to you developing this further and letting this old generalist learn some new ideas in compensation.


Thanks! Actually, I intended to describe something beyond the traditional midpoint control acceleration and deceleration, but I think I fell quite a bit short. Going to chew on it a bit and try again. Appreciate your thoughts and reaction, though!


You're right, that this is a concept that needs further development. In retrospect, I feel like this post was a bit of a misfire (why can't you ever see this when you are in the middle of writing it?), but one that I'd like to reflect on and take another shot at. Stay tuned ... and thanks, as always, for reading and commenting!

If most everyone is moving slowly thru the ranges as you claim, the competitive midpoints will come down and correct the problem you worry about. Nice graphics.

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