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Everyone will surely love being in this kind of workplace. I do agree with you this are really the signs of an appreciative workplace. :) Also this set up could lessen the stress for each employee.

That's an important point. Stress in the workplace lends to errors, reduction in quality and other negative factors. Positive measures to reduce stress, including fostering an appreciative workplace, have the knock-on effect of also increasing productivity, performance and quality.

You're point with the Office (#9) was a good one. It's a great show to laugh at but when we can relate to it more and more personally, there's more than likely a problem.

I think one of the biggest influencers of behavior in recognition programs is your #8 on the second list: rewarding progress in addition to results. Rewarding only results doesn't do much in regards to modifying the behaviors that ultimately affect long term results (actually a blog topic of ours next week).

Thanks, Drew, and I agree. But I must be sure to give credit where credit is due. The 10 signs of a Fear-based workplace are not my own, but from an article in Businessweek as linked above. (Just want to be sure there is no confusion as to origin.)

No confusion whatsoever. Checked out the Businessweek article as well. Good stuff!

Great turnaround from negative to positive. I love this!

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