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The Lone Ranger rides again!

Jim, good reminder that principles matter. Since you are willing to take on sticky subjects and give your opinion on anything (so says your byline) , what is your take on government reported CPI vs. the concept of parity purchase power (stealth inflation)?

Big different subject. Our researchers find the government-reported CPI numbers ... uh... "problematic" is the most polite term. Compare our homepage Urban Core COL metric @ http://erieri.com low on the left column under ERI Economic Indices vs. the Federal report numbers hyperlinked there and see the difference. Eamon Moynihan (yes, a relative of the past senator) writes well on that subject in the NY Daily News and periodically runs his drafts past me for fact-checking, so you may see my opinions cited there.

I got half way through reading this post on my Blackberry and realized that this author had to be bold, fresh Jim Brennan.

Thanks for the thought-provoking discussion, Jim.

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