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1. Excellent timing, Dan, since I had just finished reading this article (http://www.cdhcsolutionsmag.com/SITEFORUM?t=/contentManager/onStory&e=UTF-8&i=1188405849871&l=0&ParentID=1221256859794&StoryID=1279126074459&active=no2) on the proven ROI of health incentives.

2. There is no good cost for a bad product or service.

Thanks Jim.

As always you have provide a great reference. In regard to your second point, I have to agree with your statement. I do, believe that there is quite a bit of evidence to support that it is lack of proper planning, expectations and/or execution that divides the good from the bad.

I have always found it interesting how two generally equally demanding clients can find opposite results from the same provider. I think much of this is due to a lack of properly understanding WHY the company is using the service or product.

Often companies get caught up in screen design, logos, mimicking old best practices and other bad habits that compromise the results available. I suggest that companies should understand and aim for their bigger goals first. The solution or service must be aimed at supporting the core goal of the program it is their to support. If this can be done, the rest will either happily take place or happily be forgotten.

Instead many companies get caught up in the minute details and slowly steer the project just slight off course. It is a bit like shooting and arrow. You must focus on the target, not the path of the arrow. Many companies may find that the products and services they purchase are much better than they realized if they just kept their eye on the target until the arrow hit the bulls-eye.

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