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Great post! Trust is a precious commodity in the workplace these days; today's hard times make it even harder to earn. Employees have to know they are working for good people and they are recognized for their contributions to the company. And I agree, open communication with your team is key; don't leave them in the dark. As any successful business will tell you, your people are your best asset, so take care of them!

Karen, The Resume Chick (on Google or Twitter for questions, comments or violent reactions)

Great post, Laura! You couldn't be more right. Companies MUST restore the attitude and morale of the employees they currently have or they will simply be bringing new employees into a very toxic environment.

This is the real first step to recovery as I wrote about here: http://globoforce.blogspot.com/2010/07/diffusing-negative-environment-real.html

Karen - Great point about employees needing to feel recognized for their contributions. Thanks for reading and enriching the discussion.

Derek - Low morale permeates at so many levels. I like the point you made in your post about not bringing new people into a toxic environment. Thanks for sharing the link.

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