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Silly man... you are confusing reality with top management desires! ;-)

Midpoint movement rates (and yes, also relative rates of payroll change) are important only to the extent that top management asks for the data. If someone important enough demands it or wants to make recommendations based on it, there will be a search for a number, no matter how meaningless it may be. Being technically correct, as you are, in explaining that it is irrelevant may not suffice in the face of a clear mandate to deliver the requested metric.

The personal biases of senior management would make for an interesting article in and of itself, but yes, one does toss logic in the air when you receive that phone call that says, "I want what I want because I want it."

The correct (public) answer is always, "I'll get it for you right away." What you say in private can be left to the imagination.

Coincidentally I completed a survey last week that asked how much my company was going to move its midpoints and I laughed at the timing. It's August!

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