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I almost always have a hybrid job. Sometimes I have received a higher raise for 'doing' more in a given cycle but my salary has never been re-assessed to accommodate multiple hats. From one standpoint, being allowed to do several jobs could be viewed as a priviledge, because it's fun sticking your finger in lots pies. Plus assuming performing multiple roles represents a growth opportunity, it's arguably a form of compensation in its own right. But if it's mandated by the company to deal with self-imposed resource shortages fairness is an issue that should be closely examined. It's a good topic to analyze impartially, thanks for bringing it up.

Hi Laura. Your mixed feelings are shared by every employee in this situation, I bet. Margaret and Judy tell me that most of their clients initiate the work because they have misgivings about the way they are treating the employee, so that's a good sign. The employees who have the hybrid responsibilities tend to be the most talented, or they wouldn't have been asked to handle such a complex job assignment, so you must be a valued (but busy) employee!

What a great post! Jobs, job titles, responsibilites are ever changing. Something to think about is how your protect them. Being in the insurance industry, our coverage is changing to ensure these different needs. Being int he marketing role, I feel every bit of the hybrid responsibilites. Great article for the business owners of today to read and understand thier own needs- and capabilites with their employees!

Hi, RS: You are right, business owners should step back and assess the market value of the person with the blended role. Any market assessment should ideally result in a "win-win" for both the employer and the employee to "protect" both of their investments in the job.

Hi. I would love to read your other two posts, "Let's Mix It Up!" and "Another Dose of Reality", but can't find the links. Can you repost them. Thanks! Mitch

Hi Mitch. Thanks for checking in. Here’s the address for Mix It UP -- http://www.compensationcafe.com/2010/08/hybrid-shmybrid-lets-mix-it-up.html -- and here’s the address for Another Dose of Reality --http://www.compensationcafe.com/2010/09/hybrid-shymbrid.html

And make sure you read the next installment which is tomorrow (Friday’s) posting!

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