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Extrapolative relativity between mindsets of newer generation and existing generation at work is explicitly detailed. I interviewed couple of new graduates only a week ago and asked them what motivates them - rather what actually will motivate them to get to work everyday? Most people responded very differently to the generation i belong to. To me in those days was to have a job, respectful living and the social status related to the job. I still remember my learned parents discussing at length which management trainee/apprentiship i should join, about the company's growth and so on. It used to be a thoroughly researched placement choice to maintain our parents social status as well. But now it is absolutely different, parents don't even have a say. It is the individual's aspiration to achieve something and make their mark in the world that matters and for that companies are just a means or a medium. It is no more about companies making a mark or positioning themselves, it is individuals positioning themselves in such a position of desire and aspiration. Such an generation has lot of horse power that no power train can beat them or tie them up to one company even if they are recruited.
Just talking to them gave a renewed energy as if i could also make a change to my life and that changes the whole outlook.
I think we should hire such fire balls(that is what i call)as they have the fire in their belly to change anything they deem fit or appropriate and once there is nothing more for them to feed on, they are out into the field looking for the next medium to prove themselves. And i believe we should encourage such an attitude in this generation and people like me who have had pride in sticking on to our bloody warm seats should bend our knees to pick up good things from such marvellous people instead of complaining and behaving defencively discouraging them.
Good luck to this generation and to people in my generation who actually understand and pick up good things!

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