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I have seen this far too often- especially in this economy. Far too many employers think employees should e groveling for the opportunity to earn a paycheck. It's nice to be somewhere one can feel appreciated!

I know what you mean about Tesco; their employees set the standard in customer care and service! When I lived in the UK they were my supermarket, hands down!

In the US I think you'll find employees from Publix and the Home Depot equally excited about their job. Which brings me to the point that pay alone would never generate such positive employee attitudes; it's all about treatment, about consideration, about the company giving a d*** about their people. Employees who are well taken care of, in the broadest sense, pay dividends to their employers every day.

Here at home I always shop at Publix, where employees will drop what they're doing to go find you that item you're looking for. You can't pay people enough to get that care back in return.

Love it! I once had a mad man boss and I actually enjoyed the experience while I was still learning the ropes. Well, at least in retrospect. But once you get some experience under your belt watching someone else take the recognition gets old. No one with a choice will put up with it for long.

Gina, yes, the economy has definitely impacted this perception of "just be grateful you have a job" as recognition enough. And that's too bad because the economy will recover and employees who do not feel appreciated for their efforts will leave for where they will be.

Chuck, precisely. Some companies, I think, are finally beginning to realize this by no longer listing shareholder value as their first priority with employees last, but rather putting employees at the head of the list and realizing if the employees are engaged and excited, then that will fuel customer service/satisfaction, which will in turn fuel shareholder value.

Laura, thanks! You're right, no one with choices and experience will put up with that attitude for long.

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