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"You will always need people who can work without a script"

Great line Laura, equally as significant as the one you remember from the try out.

I agree with you that the current hiring practice of looking for "Ms. Perfect" is hindering progress.

Laura, I think this is one of the best (written) posts we've had on Compensation Cafe. Thanks for sharing your story and making an important point.

Thank you, Michael - I admit I didn't appreciate back then what a great learning experience it was.

And Margaret - thanks. :-)

Great story, Laura -- agree with Margaret -- very well written.

Embrace your inner Tron (I'm waiting for the sequel myself).

Seriously, there's a terrific object lesson here for all those looking for work. Be real, be honest, be yourself. It telegraphs in your interview, just as it does when you're trying to project something your not but that you *think* they want you to be.

Thank you, Derek, I couldn't agree more. Although I still think Casablanca girl was lying through her teeth. ;-)

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