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Have you seen any really new or innovative changes in the competency arena since Schuster-Zingheim's last research study published 3Q09? http://schuster-zingheim.com/Competencies_Replacing_Jobs_as_the_Compensation-HR_Foundation.pdf finds that some have replaced the term "performance management" with "competency management."

Hi Jim. Just noticed that the reply I posted back in October didn't take. Great observation but I would wonder if the world splits between big companies with lots of experience and understanding of competencies and other companies who have implemented them without understanding them. The research may indicate that those who undertook competency work for a business reason have evolved in their understanding and applications, while those who introduced them without understanding their application continue to flounder a bit. Many of my clients are in the second camp, I find, which is such a shame because competencies can do so much for a persons' understanding of improved productivity and career development.

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