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Thank God. Finally, someone writing about the Paycheck Fairness Act that has some common sense! I have been doing payroll for over 25 years and I know there are a ton of variables that come in to play when hiring someone. It is impossible to compare apples to apples when every individual brings different backgrounds to the employer.

It's just like fingerprints, everyone is different with different backgrounds, different skills, different negoiating skills. The only thing this bill will accomplish is that men would be paid less in order to NOT upset the women workforce. It will do NOTHING to increase women's salary.

Thank you, Stephanie, for providing clear illustrations of what can become increased litigation costs for companies trying to employ US workers.

As a wise person once told me, if is was common sense we wouldn't need to talk about it and there wouldn't be any disagreement.

Common Sense: People doing essentially the same job should make essentially the same amount of money (all other things being equal).

Uncommon Sense: All other things are very seldom equal.

Thanks for the great post. Hopefully it will keep people thinking (and maybe doing)

Under the Paycheck Fairness Act a woman would not have to be any good at negotiating a salary increase. She just has to be good at finding a male coworker who was and then encourage him to do the negotiation. She would then reap the same reward. Makes commonsense to me.

Great explanation of the bill with your scenarios.

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