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I agree completely with the importance of addressing employee engagement.

Employers who overlook this issue are missing one of their greatest opportunities to have a positive impact on their organization, both culturally and financially.

The actions (mostly necessary) taken by business to survive the recession are rapidly becoming obstacles as they look to move beyond survival mode and start to set their sights on becoming a thriving organization once again.

It's time to be honest about the obstacles that have been created and to develop solid strategies to make sure those obstacles are eliminated.

First of all I love the picture! But I also like how you boiled it down to two actionable points, i.e., play to people's strengths and help people feel like what they do matters. If every company would do JUST these two things I think we'd see a big difference in survey results.

Kevin, you are correct, indeed, that necessary actions are now becoming obstacles. I recently read research that historically, companies who lay off employees take much longer to regain their place in the market and some never do.

Laura, thanks! Exactly. This is a topic that's easy to make complicated. But we shouldn't.

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