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This is on of the best posts on the nightmare that is performance appraisals.

Another game I hate is when you get your review and your raise on your anniverary date. Therefore, there's tons of money in the budget for people who were hired t the beginning of the year, but if you were hired in December, forget it. Your raise is going to stink and to justify the rotten raise your manager may rate you lower.

Great posting on the games people play with the performance appraisal / reward process. However, I can't say that I agree with the first bullet of your #3 as strongly as I concur with games 1 and 2.

Just scratching my head but there must be something amiss with a survey that shows a 0.3% difference in reward between average and top performers. While I agree that often times the gap is too narrow to properly reward the top folks, how many systems are out there with a distinction of 0.3%? Usually there's a middle ground as well, the massively populated "Above Average".

So while I agree with the point you're making, I would treat the survey you quoted with a bit of suspicion. It doesn't "look" right.

More of the ever-popular constantly rediscovered games are here: at "Rewards that Don't" at http://www.worldatwork.org/waw/adimComment?id=35670. There are Basic, Intermediate and even Advanced games to be played.

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