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I would use caution if you are changing your ranges down. Maybe leave them frozen for one year since the market does not say they have grown. If you are considering lowering them, I'd suggest averaging 2 years of data to determine your market values.

As for chosing one of Jim's options, I'd go with temporarily increasing the width to fit the higher end jobs into the ranges if you feel you must. If your system needs symetrical values then lower the bottom of the range to an equal distance from midpoint.

Good solutions, Leah. Market values tend to be inelastic, and drops in one period may be followed by a sudden rebound; so it is always prudent to hesitate and carefully verify that the current situation is permanent rather than a temporary pendulum-swing that will be reversed next year.

Agree that ranges should faithfully track reality, too. I have never seen any logic or justification in symmetrical ranges beyond ease of explanation; and the problems caused by arbitrary maximums are legion.

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