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Yes, and let's improve the procedure by eliminating the fantasy games and engaging the real world of practical reality.

Would you manage someone by totally ignoring them aside from one contact all year long? And that at the very end only? Would you educate a student by teaching them with no feedback and only supplying one single assessment report with an overall grade at the end of their cirriculum?

The problem isn't really centered on the mere existence of a summary performance rating but on the process within which it resides and occasionally culminates. Having written a book on the topic (http://www.amazon.com/Performance-Management-Workbook-James-Brennan/dp/0136586341), I've had my say in the past. But the word still needs to get out, because the same errors continue to recycle. Well done! Keep preaching the basics!

Excellent analogy, Jim. How useless would a university class be to a student who received just one grade at the end of the semester, based solely on a final exam grade. Even more true in classes with 100+ students. And my American colleagues tell me just how much a university education costs -- what frightening waste of money that would be. And the same is true for the annual performance review.

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