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Those who place undue weight on limited-sample biased sureys are rarely trying to "be right." I suggest that they are simply seeking justification and CYA. If it turns our "wrong," they can shrug and point to the survey rather than take their deserved lumps for striving for imitation rather than innovation.

Researchers and analysts should know better. Besides, leaders don't follow. Anyone who waits for the line to form so they can decide where to go has earned their detour by deferring their thinking to others. Of course, top management always wants context, so you will still have to report the buzz, but be aware that those who are talking the most are often acting the least.

Rather than gape at the everyday breathless media reports about today's announcements of astounding discoveries or unbelievable events, I'd sooner get my news from TheOnion. They don't overuse the hysterical subunctive, either.

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