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Well said, Laura. Old story was that after the Annual Report dutifully gushes that “our people are our most valuable resource,” they would get ignored for another year. Used to snarl that companies spend more on maintaining their buildings than on the workers who inhabit them. Since you can’t accurately measure human value, a pernicious but pervasive perversion of management-thought leads some to conclude that “people” hold no value while only “things” have precise costs and hence values. Knowing the cost of everything and the value of nothing, is the result. Deming himself said, “The most important things cannot be measured.”

It's simplier easier to measure some things and that misleads people as to true importance.

Laura,I am one of those strange people who always loved tracking my time. A visual diary of what you've accomplished, and a straightforward way of showing management what you are contributing.

It's hard to understand how well leadership really understands the cost of work done without it. It's like administrators who take a half a day to find the cheapest delivery service for a contract. They don't notice/can't see where the financial tradeoff comes!

Thanks for highlighting this.

Jim - Yep, it doesn't exist if we can't quantify it. ;-)

Margaret - I'm with you! I love tracking my time, even if no one wants to see it.

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