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Most of the insecurity tends to come from the Executive Suite where the VIPs don't like to admit they don't know the answer to basic questions about the pay administration program. Rather than be embarrassed or placed on the defensive, they frequently ban such discussions, which creates more hazard and fosters suspicion.

Suspicion is always fostered when the door is shut. Whenever I shut an inside door in my house I quickly have two or more cats sniffing and scratching around - wondering what's on the other side.

In this regard employees are no different, as secrecy without explanation will likewise cause a lot of sniffing and scratching about.


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Well, of course it's a secret - if you tell someone what the next grade pay range is, next thing you know they'll be wanting more money!

Editor's Note to Emily Jones - Emily, I'll follow up with you via email regarding your offer. Thanks!

Chuck great article. My opinion is that management is really the group that is uncomfortable with communicating compensation with employees.

I think there is a difference between "transparency" and "clarity". I think Margaret (???) pointed that out in an article here recently. Transparency just means laying everything out on the table for all to see. Clarity explains what people are seeing. Big difference.

I'm totally in favor of communicating with "clarity" the compensation programs. I'm also in favor of including all positions/grades, etc. including top management.

After all, we're all in this together aren't we????

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