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Nice imagery, Dan. Made me think of our Easter cupcakes yet to be consumed, and how they call out my name.

You also made me think of so many companies who go almost all the way with their comp plans, only to stop and wipe their hands so close to the finish line. They don't properly communicate, or even "sell" their plans.

The wonderfulness of a plan is rarely intuitive to most employees; in fact, the opposite is more common. So you're right, spend the time and money to finish the job. Make sure your employees understand not only the what, but the why.

Presentation value is vital, in human interactions of all kinds. Is it just my imagination, or does every truly good compensation plan really have a certain simple elegance to it?

It is the small things that make plans different from each other. It would take an impressive employee to glean these details without help.

While most great compensation plans do have a simple elegance, that too is comparable to frosting. A great frosting is far more complex to create and requires far more attention than most would possible guess.

Taking it a step further.. frosting is nice, having properly baked muffins is essential.

By this I mean that it is important that you understand the various implications compensation plans may carry. Modeling and scenario testing is the only way to ensure your comp plan doesn't cause undue stress.


Excellent point! Thanks for the comment.

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