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I like the way you distinguished between motivated and engaged employees. Compensation people tend to believe that their job is over once they have the bonus plan in place and that people can take it or leave at that point. They tend to think that people are in it only for the money. They use the "homo economicus" model of human behavior.

It threatens them to hear that engaged employees will outperform the motived ones, do what's best for the company instead of themselves, even stay with the firm when the money is tight, and not have their hand out every time they do something well.

They overreact to any threat to their world, like Dan Pink's Drive, and reports that teacher performance doesn't improve with merit pay. Their source of expertise on employee performance---some consultant whose livelihood depends on selling money-based incentive plans. Their source for teacher pay expertise---the Cato Institute.

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Great Post Laura - I am partial to those who are "on the money."

Thank you for commenting, Ross and Dave - sometimes motivation or even just showing up enough but are not the same thing as engagement.

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