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So true, Jim - those rocket scientists don't appreciate how easy they have it!


Oddly enough rocket science is, in fact, used in the world of compensation. The Black Scholes Merton model for valuing stock options utilizes math from a Japanese mathematician by the name of Kiyosi Ito that was designed to plot the trajectory of a rocket over continuous time.

so...we ARE all rocket scientists AND compensation pros!

Yes, Laura and Dan, we are required to go beyond those merely mechanistic applications of rocket science. Fitting, because our chief programmer is the son of the aerospace mathematician who created the algorithm used to calculate the optimal design for high-speed wings and spacecraft surfaces. Some of our earliest compensation survey software products were designed using the programming language that put people on the moon: fortran.

Very interesting....

Great post Jim, and thumbs up to Dan for linking compensation to rocket science! ;+)

Can't help but think that Stephen's observation was uttered in a raspy German accent rather than his usual soft Southern drawl.

Windsor: We owe a lot more to the space race than just a point of comparison over technical difficulties. Do an intenet search under "technical innovations from the space race" for many lists. Some may surprise you.

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