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Internal candidates whose flaws are known always appear inferior to external recruits who present polished CVs and have never been witnessed making a mistake. Once they come on board, the hiring panel or approving chain of command has a vested interest in their success, so guess what happens? Self-fulfilling prophesy time!

Next year or so, they become "a regular" and their internal promotional prospects subside to match their peers. Then THEY will be offended in a few years when top management imports someone over their head just like they arrived, and frequently for the same reason: they were not obviously and persuasively perfect. The trick is to do your serial poaching upstream, picking off the most talented from smaller outfits that can't afford YOUR particular "going market rate" or from stogy giants where they are bored and blocked while resisting the "foot promotions" offered by your larger, richer more profitable competitors to your own top talent.

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