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Also, take care about such advice. In some states, like Connecticut, it is a felony to offer financial advice without the appropriate certification. Even the PhDs who wrote the 6 free personal finance courses at the bottom of our Distance Learning Center (www.eredlc.com) had to hold those credentials. We live in an unfortunately litigious world in which the extension of a helping hand may become an actionable offense under certain circumstances.

That said, you are absolutely correct about the crying need for financial literacy. Employers who subsidize expensive remuneration programs while ignoring the difficulties their workers experience comprehending those systems are wasting their money. Decent benefits well explained and properly applied are more useful than great benefits no one understands or properly utilizes.

Thanks for chiming in, Jim. Yes, it's a shame there are so many legal barriers to offering such a useful benefit. But fortunately, companies are starting to navigate them successfully.

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