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Great post Dan - I like the ship analogy. My 9 and 11 year old boys play a lot of video games. It seems most of these games offer some type of “customization” feature: design your own character, adjust all the system settings, etc. The common interface for these is usually a slide bar, toggle, lever or dial that enables the user to make adjustments at any time. I kind of see the rewards philosophy like that… a set of defined concepts/elements/principles that, as needed, may be adjusted to flex to a particular situation or style. Your point is excellent: CEOs change. Business strategies change. Reward philosophies must flex with the situation to best support the business.

Thanks for the comments. I like the idea of comparing flexibility of compensation with that of video games. They are also incredibly complex and flexible while attracting, motivating and retaining users. Even a "simple" game like "Angry Birds" is very complex under its surface.

Is it the Love Boat?

Nice post. I always like finding things that support our company's "fleet of foot" philosophy.

Is it The Foundation? :-)

Carnival Line, but dunno if the Victory or Triumph.

Excellent analogy: fluid rather than set in concrete; flexible and non-rigid, etc. And different designs work for different waters and different purposes.

@Todd: Thanks for the comment. I wish I would have been creative enough to have used the Love Boat!

@Laura: The Foundation name was a bit of trickery

@Jim: VERY VERY close. Thanks for the comment. I hope others can use this as a foundation for their own plans going forward.

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